Trophy Sponsorship

As always, the membership of IPMS can contribute to the nationals by sponsoring trophy packages. Packages cover an individual category (1st, 2nd, and 3rd) at $85 or a Best of/Theme award for $100. Clubs and individuals can put a personal mark on the contest by becoming one of our sponsors.  You, or your organization, will be recognized in various ways during the convention and especially during the awards presentation.

There are two easy ways to sponsor a package:

  1. Fill out the attached form, e-mail it to Mike Idacavage at and put a check in the US Mail for the appropriate amount made payable to IPMS/USA.  Send it to:
    2019 IPMS/USA National Convention
    Attn: Contest Chairman
    3670 Clubland Drive
    Marietta, GA 30068-4005
  2. Download and fill out this form, email it to Mike Idacavage at and make the appropriate payment in the IPMS shopping cart at:

The official 2019 list of categories will be available later after the Nationals Contest Committee is done with their tweaks but for now you can click here to use the 2018 list from the Phoenix Convention for reference. The differences are usually very minor.

Be sure to list first, second, and third choices!

As always, thank you for your support and contributing to the success of the convention.